Let's talk about our favourite subject... us.

The Land of Longtailia

The land of Longtailia is a small community of developers, creatives, media gurus, hackers, coders, account servicers and other interesting troublemakers.

We work in teams filled with awesome people, who share an interest in digital mischief, disruptive media mayhem and really cool creative concepts. We come from a wide variety of industry backgrounds, including design, IT, digital media, advertising, gaming and fast food.

Cool Office Culture

To be a Longtailian is to live a life of quiet introspection, digital obsession and the occasional email flame war. We have the obligatory Foosball table, Wii console and retro arcade machine (yes, it has Ms Pacman on it), but we’re usually too busy having fun building cool digital advertising work to play with any of it.

If you’re interested in working for Longtail, we usually appreciate a nice, short email outlining your experience, goals and a selection of your favourite work (if relevant). We usually make a song and dance about new openings in all of the usual employment listings, but we like to meet new and amazing people whenever we get the opportunity. You can reach us by using the form below, visiting our handy Contact Us page, or by buying us a coffee (before 3pm) or a dark ale (after 3pm) at one of the many industry events.

Communicate with us

Why hello there Longtail. My name is . I'd like to know about . Please contact me via . Have a day.